jos [double] is a series of glass vessels for a double-sided use. The motif of the double-sided vessel can be found in the designs of the Wiener Werkstätte - particularly of Josef Hoffmann - in a repeated and varying shape. For the glass series jos [double], this kind of adding or stacking was adapted with the help of a decommissioned private tupperware collection. Seven different individual shapes were thus created. In the next step, they were manufactured from glass and put together in the most diverse combinations. In this way, double-sidedly usable, thin-walled glass objects are created, which also evoke ambiguous associations: Josef Hoffmann meets Tupperware? The combination of frosted and shiny pieces of glass, as well as the choice of colour emphasise the oscillation of the design between these two poles.

6 Josef Hoffmann, flower pot, around 1915  © MAK


Year: 2014
Material: mouthblown glass
Size: different dimensions
Images: Minu Lee
Prices on request.
Free to edition.
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