An unequal couple, an unconventional stack, a "liaison à trois". Two very different shapes of a can, found in the drawings of the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna's Workshop). Each of them is placed with the top down in a copper frame: the contrast of black and white emphasises the difference in shape: an organic black cloud and a straight-lined white cone make for the middle corpus of the side tables in two different heights. On top of them rests a panel of thin corian, which appears to be floating on the stacked ensemble: a side table as a stack of three components and three different materials. 

 2 Vally Wieselthier, glass service, can, around 1927  © MAK

3 Josef Hoffmann/Wiener Werkstätte, glass service, can, around 1925  © MAK



Year: 2014
Material: copper, glass, corian
Free to edition.
Prices on request.
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