The objects (vases and lamps) of the series Pila (Italian: pile) are an unconventional assemblage of different plates from the Rosenthal Studio Line. In everyday life, plate piles are created unintentionally and for pragmatic reasons: piled for washing up in the sink or stashed in the cupboard. The design Pila demonstrates that the clash of forms, stories and time can develop a completely new aesthetic dimension: the objects allow for various designs of different designers of the Rosenthal Studio-Line to enter into a dialogue. In direct encounter they pronounce the potential of this grown collection. The individual plates become part of the whole - a new form. The perception of the singular plates changes in the overall context. Each object is unique. Each time a different selection of plates is piled in a new combination. In this way, the most different characters are created: stringent compositions, lush towers or even figurative forms. They display the range of Rosenthal’s porcelain designs: from a simple service to a gushing decor and an unconventional relief. As part of the lamps, the plates gain a new function: They are not only carrier of meaning and history: they also act as uncommon reflectors of the illuminant. The decors of the implemented plates modulate and tint the light of these light objects in soft copper and gold nuances.



Year: 2014
Material: porcelain, steel
Images: Minu Lee
Producer: Rosenthal
Numbered edition of 49 each.
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