In the middle of the carpet lies a shape with a peculiar appearance. It is composed of a two-dimensional collage of different designs from the Wiener Werkstätte. These shapes do not appear to be self-explaining. On the carpet jul [endless], the movement of this peculiar shape is resumed by a rope, which is laid around the outline of the inner shape: the circumnavigation blurs the outline more and more, until an almost oval surface is created towards the outer edge. The pattern of the rope is reminiscent of the patterns of the Wiener Werkstätte. Due to the array of the lines, another structure is created: a contrast between inside and outside.

2 Josef Hoffmann/Wiener Werkstätte, print decor for leather, Decor No. 160, before 1922  © MAK

3 Josef Hoffmann/Wiener Werkstätte, table coth, around 1924  © MAK



Year: 2014
Material: virgin wool, rope
Images: Minu Lee
Free to edition.
Price on request.
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