a collective structure

Throughout the experiment Stapeln+Addieren designer Hanna Krüger explores the potential of private and public collections for her own practice of design by rearranging and combining existing products. In the preceding year, during the Vienna Design Week, she was selected as winner of the Nespresso Design Scholarship 2013. During this exhibition, the work of the one-year project is on show for the first time. By means of rearrangement, fragmentation and recontextualisation new compositions and designs are created. They address the topics of adoption, collectivisation and the continuation of the existing and the preceding: design as an assemblage, as a collective and continuous authorship, as a form of collecting, as a cultural technique. One focus of the project is the involvement with online collections, particularly with drawings from the Wiener Werkstätte of the MAK Vienna. The digitalisation of museum collections evokes an examination of new conceptions and practices of artistic authorship. The unimpeded access allows for the collection the be an open, generally accessible knowledge store: it becomes an infrastructure and a tool for design. In the end, there are products phrasing and illustrating their very own dialogue with the specific collection of the MAK Vienna as well as with "collecting" in general.  What is an author? Is a "collection" actually a collective structure? Is it legitimate to employ it? Can something new evolve from it? And what is new in design?


MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Art / Contemporary Arts, Vienna

Exhibition views HANNA KRÜGER [DIE SAMMLUNG] a collective structure, Intervention MAK DESIGN LABOR / Hoffmann Geometrisch, 26.09.2014–14.12.2014 © MAK / Mika K. Wisskirchen


Year: 2014
Graphic Design: Eva-Maria Offermann
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