Prof. Christian Phillip Müller assumed the rectorate’s office as dean of the School of Art and Design Kassel in August 2011 with many new ideas. In this spirit, his office space has also now been newly designed by graduated product designer and guest lecturer Hanna Krüger from Kassel. The past, present and future of the School of Art and Design Kassel come together in the newly designed rooms. The result is a spacial ensemble of products, which have been conceptualized by Paul Friedrich Posenenske for the school already about 50 years ago. Among them are tables, lamps, cubes and couches. These were refined, reconstructed or reinterpreted by Hanna Krüger. Among other ideas, such as adapting former colours and materials, it has been a major issue to transform this design concept into the present. The transformation of the original design concept included the search for simple, yet precise materials, as well as clear-cut aesthetic and functional principles. The spirit and the concept behind Posenenske’s design are meant to be transmitted within these rooms: By this, the school of art and design is understood as a discursive space which presents the students and lecturers with an open structure on an architectural as well as artistic level. In the dean’s office, historic elements face newly-developed designs. For example, a shelf system, which has been inspired by the proportions of former components, now produces a distinctly new impression. Sliding doors, like the shingles of a roof, are layered above each other in various different formations. One half of the shelf system consists of open surfaces, the other half of closed ones. By opening one, you close another. According to Hanna Krüger, “This is supposed to signify not only the school’s openness and transparency, but also its variability.” One can also retrace the principle of the open framework, when looking at the design of the kitchen unit. It becomes alive especially during its utilization, by exposing every construction detail within the process. This design corresponds with various cubic frames, which have been designed by Posenenske for the School of Art and Design Kassel, drawing on the works of Ferdinand Kramer. These frames can be found within the structure of the whole school building. And within this architectonic structure you find prototypes from Krüger’s diploma project lined up: the glasslamp Vaiss.eau also transmits the idea of transparency, of the disclosure of its technical details and construction. Situated above a big table in the middle of the room, these lamps float like eluminated vessels, reflecting the importance of communication and dialogue within the rooms of the School of Art and Design. As a result of this design, a skeleton-like structure emerges, which can be (re)animated, (re)appropriated and (re)used as a stage. Accordingly, the dean’s office is meant to be a window, a forum, to make appear what moves the School of Art and Design Kassel.

Press release School of Art and Design Kassel, February 13th 2012


Year: 2011/2012
Images: Minu Lee
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