The récamière thild [two times] is inspired by the drawings of upholstery designs by Mathilde Flögl / Wiener Werkstätte. These unusual drawings are reinterpreted and emphasized: a récamière which can be accessed from two sides, is created. It can be transformed from a single-seater into a two-seater. It can be turned upside-down and convert from an armchair into a bench. Thus, it offers the possibility of change and adaptation to the respective situation. A hybrid of upholstered furniture, a bench and a chair row. The three differently coloured upholstery textiles show the three parts, which are stacked and then joined. Additionally, the pattern of the textiles is a reference to the patterns and decors of the  Wiener Werkstätte. The design was implemented with support from the Danish textile producer Kvadrat.

3 Mathilde Flögl, pillow for sofa, around 1929  © MAK


Year: 2014
Material: upholstery textile "Kvadrat Pro 2"
Size: 130 x 170 cm
Images: Minu Lee

Free to edition.
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