At the beginning stands an ancient vase. The limited technique of the copier comes along. The copies resulting from this coincidence are showing new pictures - vases of deformed shapes. Each copy is an original, every action differs from the next one. Based on the copies develops a system of building variants: an image viewing. At first the vases are only imaginary existing on the sheets of paper. Glass blowers and potters are asked to form three-dimensional objects based only on the figures of the copies. A kind of image interpretation, which also discusses the issue of authorship in the design process. Vasen is a concept for an infinitely continuing serie of analogue generated vases made of glass and porcelain, whose beauty is beyond any aesthetic standards.


Year: 2009
Material: porcelain, glass
Images: Jan Köhler
Porcelain: numbered edition
Glass: unique pieces
Prices on request.
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